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Space Science Experience Introduction


STEP 1Register in the CESAR Community here

STEP 2:  Choose the favourite CESAR SSE for your class here

STEP 3: Register your SSE here and set two possible dates to come to ESAC 

(Wednesdays or Thursdays

@9:30h or 11:30h)

STEP 4: Follow the SSE phases

(1) In the classroom:

  • watch a set of videos
  • refresh contents
  • fill and upload forms
  • set a teleconference
  • run a teleconference

(2) At ESAC:

  • Be scientist for a day

(3) In the classroom:

  • Prepare a space-related topic and present it to the SSE contest.



 (Details of the SSE phases here)

For details
read this procedure


55-60 students  


From: 2nd Primary school 

To: 2nd Bachillerato


If at any point of the process you find any issue, please contact us in project.cesar@esa.int (**)



Mission to the Moon

2nd-3rd grade of Primary School

(7-9) years old


What are the colours of the stars?

4th-5th grade of Primary School

(9-11) years old

Night sky constellations

3rd-6th grade of Primary School

(8-12) years old


3D Earth

5th-6th grade of Primary School

(10-12) years old

Mission to Mars I

5th-6th grade of Primary School

1-2 ESO

(10-14) years old



Verano e invierno

1°-2° ESO

(12-14) años

La rotación de Sol

1°-2° ESO

(12-14) años

Los secretos de las galaxias 

1°-3° ESO

(12-15) años

Los colores invisibles del espacio

3°-4° ESO

(14-15) años

Mision a Marte II

3°-4° ESO & 1° Bachillerato

(14-17) años

Tormentas solares

3°-4° ESO

(14-16) años

La vida de las estrellas

1°-2° Bachillerato

(16-18) años

¿De que estan hechas las estrellas? 

1°-2° Bachillerato

(16-18) años

¿Cuánto pesa un planeta?

1°-2° Bachillerato

(16-18) años


Table 1: "Space-Science Experience" table offered by the CESAR Team with the specified material


(**) Important Note: 

In case you are not sure to meet the date or any of the steps required before coming to ESAC please contact the CESAR Team asap in project.cesar@esa.int. This is key to offer another time slot for your class in a short time as well as your free slot to another happy class. Two weeks in advance the venue to ESAC the status of the process will be reviewed by the CESAR Team. If neither the steps have been completed by the school nor an email has been received to project.cesar@esa.int explaining issues, the CESAR Team reserves the rights to cancel the Experience in favour to other SSE requests. The goal of the CESAR Team is to ensure an unforgettable Space Science Experience for your class. Thanks in advance for your understanding!