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Science Cases

Expand your knowledge of the Universe from your school

The CESAR team provides free online interactive tools to introduce students in the fields of astronomy, science and technology. There is also plenty of material for advanced students to expand their knowledge. This tools and materials are part of what we call a Science Case. Science Cases are small exercises or laboratories where students learn about a certain topic and put that knowledge to use, getting hands-on experience in real-science research. The Science Cases are not only to make science approachable and attractive to young people but also to help them develop their critical thinking.


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Choose the correct Science Case

There are Science Cases about lots of different interesting topics. All topics are equally didactic and suitable for involving students in a science experience. You may let the students choose, or look for a specific case that suits a particular unit you are teaching. However depending on the students' age and their knowledge about mathematics and physics, some Science Cases might be too difficult or way too easy. That is why the Science Cases are divided into difficulty levels. Teachers can choose the best level for their students. Although most of them are, not all the Science Cases are developed for all levels. Make sure to look at the level indicator when choosing a Science Case and to read the Teacher's Guide for further information.


Basic     Intermediate     Advanced     Super Hero
The fundamental knowledge of the Universe at one-click distance! Without formulas or mathematics, simple as it is. Credits: Nautilus     Basic physics crafting the Cosmos! Next step for expanding your knowledge of our Universe with some basic formulas.     Go one step forward! Put all your physics and math knowledge to use. Skip no detail and experience the universe from end to end.     

The real-pro-level! Science as it is. Advanced physics, high level math and programming. Use every tool available to reveal the mysteries of the Universe.

Make sure to look at the level indicator when choosing a Science Case and to read the Teacher's Guide for further information.

Basic Level Science Cases are focused on teaching the main knowledge we have about the Universe and the basic science tools that are used to explore it. In this laboratories, understanding the concepts is more important than the measurements. Without any formulae, they are recommended for students from primary school or for those coming from other branches than science.

Intermediate Level Science Cases are intended to be done by students with basic knowledge of physics and mathematics. Fundamental physics laws will be used as well as basic trigonometric formulas. These exercises would be recommended for students from secondary school and higher students with basic science knowledge.

Advanced Level is suitable for students coursing the few years previous to the university. Students will put into use physics and math advanced knowledge. All the needed background is provided in the Science Case but students in this level should be able to move easily trough math equations and science formulas.

The Super Hero level was recently developed to suit the most exigent students. Real science is done at this level, reliable data must be collected and analyzed in graphs and by programs that will have to be written by the students in some cases.



Prepare for a Science Case

For each Science Case, we provide:
  • A teacher's guide: a guide where teachers can find the key information to organize the activity and solve any possible issues. All the answers you may need and step by step information is here. May sure to print a copy of this guide and keep it handy. 
  • A student's guide: a manual for students that guides them through the whole laboratory. All the information to do the activity on their own can be found here. Print a copy for each student or group.
  • Booklet's Chapters: booklets with information about the topics treated in the case, some of them are necessary to understand the experiment and others are provided to offer further information. 
  • Quiz: a set of questions that should be answered by the students to reinforce the learning and that might be used to check whether they understood the procedure.
  • Web tools: online programs that were specifically designed by the CESAR team to ease the tasks proposed in the student's guides.
  • Other resources as external links to databases, or sets of images that might be of use.

Make sure to read the Teacher's guide before organizing an activity.

Most of the Science Cases already have all the documentation and students may be able to complete them in 30-60 minutes if they have all the necessary background knowledge. However, teachers are encouraged to test all the material they are to use. Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts or if you find any kind of error.

In some of the Science Cases, students will be asked to use the CESAR Observatories, which means they will have to follow all scientific method for the very beginning. They will program an observation and wait for the data to come. Remember to contact CESAR team in advance and check if the observatories are available.

Please read the complete guide on how to perform a Science Case with your students available here.


Astronomical data collected by the CESAR Observatories; texts, experiments and software developed by the CESAR Team.

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