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Space Science Experience Introduction

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The CESAR Team offers a set of ´'Space-Science Experiences´, that are unique experiences for students that come to ESAC. Enjoying a Space Science Experience is a common effort between the school and the CESAR Team. 

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The main phases required to be able to access to the CESAR Space Science Experience (SSE) are listed here:

Register yourself!

Teachers interested in living a Space-Science Experience with their class should do so it through this link, for which previous registration is required. Bear in mind that registration is not done automatically but after some human checks. In case you do not receive an answer (within one-two week), please send us an email to Project.Cesar@esa.int.

Choose your favorite Space Science Experience!

The list of topics offered as CESAR Space Science Experience (SSE) are listed in the table below as well as target age recommendations.

Each SSE session has a duration of an hour and a half and takes place on Wednesdays and Thursdays, one at 9:45 A.M and the other at 11:45 A.M. The scientific cases are designed for a maximum of 55 students and 2 or 3 teachers. 

With all this information, teachers could decide their favourite SSE topic, date for their class to come to ESAC, skype session, ... For more details please download the instructions here.


Start your Space Science Experience in the classroom

At school and together with their teacher, the students will watch a set of videos provided by the CESAR Team. Appart from those, we encourage you to watch some of these inspirational space videos.

Some extra material (see table below) available on the web is only to be seen by the teacher, so she/he can identify whether some concepts should be reviewed before coming to ESAC. The CESAR Team considers that the 'woo effect' at ESAC is key for the students learning process, therefore it is not recommended to show the Science Cases to the students in advance.


Call us with Skype

When teachers request their SSE they should also select between two possible time slots for a Skype session with the CESAR Team coordinator, Dr. Michel Breitfellner. The duration of the Skype session is 15-20 minutes and the goal is to answer any questions the teacher may have about the Space Science Experience they have chosen (Skype account: Cesarprogramme@gmail.com).

Prepare your visit to ESAC (Madrid)

The school is responsible for coordinating the following:

  • the buses: children should come to ESAC by bus. Buses are required to arrive at ESAC 15 minutes before the beginning of the session (9:30 AM or 11:30 AM). Students and teachers should be picked up 15 minutes after the end of their session (11:30 AM or 13:30 AM), respectively.
  • writen authorisation from the students´ parents regarding pictures: teachers must give us the parents´ signed authorisation for pictures (in pdf format) they downloaded from the website.
  • groups & teams: in order to enjoy the experience as much as possible, the teachers are requested to have already organised the groups & teams that will work together at ESAC. The main group (of 55 students) should be divided into two groups (A and B) and within each of these groups, students should form teams of 5 or 6 people (mixed boy/girl groups are encouraged).

ESAC address: Camino Bajo del Castillo, s/n., Urb. Villafranca del Castillo, 28692 Villanueva de la Cañada, Madrid, Spain

Be a scientist at ESAC

The students will be scientists for a day at ESAC. For an hour and a half they will form groups to “accomplish a mission” by answering several questions related to the exercise selected. At the end, a spokesperson for each group will summarise her/his group´s results to the other groups.


The CESAR program wants to invite all the students who have participated in the SSE carried out at ESAC to participate in the first edition of the annual contest "SHARE YOUR SPACE SCIENCE EXPERIENCE".

The work presented should be about what was learned and lived during the SSE. Each work may be presented in any format appearing in the bases, or in any other format chosen by the participants. It can be focused on the researches carried out, the contents learned, the personal expectations of the future, as well as any other aspect related to the experience.

The resolution of the winners will be published two weeks after the deadline.

You can check the bases HERE.


Come and visit us and live an unforgettable experience.



Primary education


Mission to the Moon

(7-9 years old)


The colour of the stars

(8-10 years old)


(9-11 years old)

Topographic study

(10- 12 years old)


Secondary Education and High School

The rotation of the Sun

(12-14 years old)

Study through the electromagnetic spectrum

(14-15 years old)

Mars Landing

(14-16 years old)

Solar mass ejections

(14-16 years old)

The Hertzsprung Russel diagram

(16-17 years old)

The composition of the stars

(16-17 years old)

The mass of Jupiter

(17-18 years old)


Table 1: "Space-Science Experience" table offered by the CESAR Team with the specified material

(*) In the past all these requests were handled via email (Project.Cesar@esa.int). As we are continuously improving our process to offer the best quality we have still have not widely opened the registration. An email was sent to all the schools that made a request for a ´Space Science Experience´ in December 2016 explaining the complete process. We are just starting the engines and we are waiting for your requests through this web. Welcome onboard to all of you  !!