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New multimedia section in CESAR webpage

CESAR YouTube profile Credit: ESA/CESAR

One of the activities carried by CESAR consists in organizing teacher training courses.

In this context, we run space-related talks with an emphasis in European Space Agency's missions and programmes.

For this talks, we count with speakers which are currently working for ESA missions such as Mars Express, Galileo, Solar Orbiter or Rosseta.

In CESAR we believe knowledge should be freely shared, more when the first step to engage children in scientific-related careers rests on the shoulders of school teachers.

That is why we have set up a new section in multimedia, named CESAR TALKS, where you can find these 1-hour-long outreach talks, that we will update periodically.

You can also find these lectures in our YouTube channel, so do not hesitate on suscribing!

Some of the collaborators you will find in this talks are:

  •     Alejandro Cardesín — Mars Express Ground Segment Manager, Science Operations Coordination with ExoMars
  •     Javier Ventura-Traveset — Head of Galileo Navigation Science Office
  •     Jorge Fauste — ESA SMOS Instrument Operations Manager
  •     Rune Floberhagen — ESA Head of the Mission Operations Division
  •     María Santos Lleó — XMM-Newton Science Operations Manager
  •     Beatriz Jilete — Space Surveillance and Traking Systems Engineer. Space Debris Office
  •     Anik de Groof — ESA Solar Orbiter Instrument Operations Scientist