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Visit to 5th GMV Robotics Day experience
(versión en ingles)
GMV, the Spanish technology multinational, has held its 5th GMV Robotics Day (V Jornada GMV de Robótica), showcasing the latest mobile robot research and the many applications of this technology. This event was designed and carried out as part of the European Robotics Week (23-29 November) with over 400 robotics-related events planned throughout the whole of Europe.
During this day we saw interesting robots, some of them very curious like the robotic solutions in microgravity 2D, educational robots, a Mars terrain to test some big robots (similar than Exomars), robotic drone for terrain recognition, etc.
Robotic demostration in different terrain
Two-dimensional microgravity
Also we learn a lot of things in a Roundtable about Mobile Robotics today.
Robotic rountable with experts.
Thanks to CDTI for the invitation. We will apply this new knowledge to our educational program.