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Hertzprung-Russell diagram - Colegio Orvalle
28 students - 1º Bachillerato

On 23rd of November, 28 students came to ESAC from Orvalle school to work on the Hertzsprung-Rusell diagram scientific case.

Before the visit started, they could talk with the CESAR project coordinator, Dr. Michel Breitfellner and solve lots of their questions. During the welcoming, our monitors also answered some of their questions regarding, for example, with the difference between Earth’s water and the water present of 67-P comet or about the astronaut’s training. 

Then, we started with the scientific case, first we made a short introduction about stellar evolution and the difference on star’s life depending on their masses. Once the talk was completed, the students start making in groups their own HR diagram based on the life of the Sun. They had to discussed and explain to the other groups the different possibilities. 

Once the scientific case was finished, we started a tour around ESAC talking about the different scale models of ESA’s missions like Roseta, Gaia or SoHO. During the tour, they also could see scale models of the comet 67P Churyumov-Gerasimenko and a piece of the Ariane 5 rocket to feel how resistant and weightless it was.

We hope that you continue with the scientific projection you have demonstrated, we’ll see you soon!

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