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Topographic Study - Lycée Français de Madrid
52 students - 5ºPrimaria

On the 15th of November, 52 students in their 5th year of Primary school, came to ESAC, with their teachers to be scientist for a day.  This activity is one phase  within the Space Science Experiences offered by the CESAR Team to schools in Spain. The students and their teachers picked up for their research "A topographic study".

Once the two busses arrived at ESAC the students received instructions from their teachers, who were supporting the CESAR Team during the whole activity, thanks a lot for this!

Firstly, the students entered in the CESAR auditorium looking astonished to the nice pictures hang into the room. Secondly, after a brief introduction to the CESAR Team, they started to answer the-five-key-questions, from the students point of view. 

After warming up, the 52 students, which belonged to two different classrooms, were separated per classroom, to execute different activities. The first group went to discover the misteries behind the light, the electromagnetic spectrum and how the different ranges have been observed by the different ESA missions.


In the meantime, the other classroom, started to work in smaller teams using topographic maps, putting at the end in common to the "scientific community" their findings.


Once each of the activities were completed the students swapped tasks. This way all the students were able to get the most of their time at ESAC.

The different classes received a certificate for having successfully executed the scientific cases.



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