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3 ESO -43 students

On March 29, a group of 43 students in the third year of ESO came to ESAC from the Divina Pastora school, in Vallecas to analyse the origins of the solar sorms and how long would it take to one of them lo arrive to the Earth.

Once more, we started at ESAC, answering to the five questions that the students had identified as key for them to know. Previously, they had already asked to Dr. Michel Breitfellner, the CESAR team coordinator, many others in a Skype session once the students had watched the CESAR introductionary videos. The key-questions answered at ESAC were about 'how it is done the design of space mission?", "what types of fuel is it used by the rockets?", "which is the maximum time that an astronaut has been into space?", "how are the astronauts trained?", "why haven't any human be sent to Mars?", "what instrumentation is required to study the Sun and its different atmosphere regions?", "what are the sun spots and how are they generated?".

After this, the CESAR team divided the group of students into two groups. One of them was going to learn more about the various ESA space missions at the time that they were making a tour through the ESA models. Meanwhile, the other group investigated about the solar storms, how fast do they travel from the Sun and how long would it take to one of them to arrive to the Earth.



As you may see doing research can help us to solve those questions that appear in the films, cause and effect of a solar storm on our daily life and what is the reaction time we have before it arrives to the Earth?


We are looking forward receiving your Abstracts explaining us about your time at ESAC, what have you enjoy the most in your Space-Science Experience o whether this has wake up the scientific curiosity on you or just feed it a bit more. You know where we are ... we expect to see you soon ;o)


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