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Space-Science Experience from the Estudio School
52 students at their 5th year of the Primary school from the Estudio school came to ESAC as a step first step to go to the Moon.

On 22nd of March, 52 students of the 5th year of the Primary School from the Estudio school came to ESAC with their teachers with a clear goal: Get ready to go to the Moon.

The Space-Science Experience was started some weeks in advance in the classrooms with the amazing support from their teachers. For that the CESAR Team prepared a serie of videos and made them accessible to their teachers about what ESA is, the Space and the different type of Space Missions. With all these homework done the students came to ESAC to exercise their favourite Scientific Case overloaded with questions and ilusion.

The CESAR Team answered to all their questions and as soon as they were answered new ones appeared until the Space became a closer place to them.

The group of 52 children was separated into two: the explorers or data collectors and the researchers. At the end of the day all the students had performed both roles.

The explorers were guide by the CESAR Team through the misteries of that the electromagnetic waves hide further than what our eyes are able to see but the ESA spacecraft's payload is able to detect.

Each one of the research groups, guided by the CESAR Team, chose their favourite contribution for a Mission to the Moon. A group chose to be the engineers in charge of the rocket design, another engineers for the orbit design and other where in charge of the satellite design. Another group studied the optimum take-off and landing dates and moreover the optimum places to land on the Moon. A last group was in charge of taking care of needed things to take with them and left the non-required ones, as in the spacecraft it was no room for unimportant items.

As you may see the complete design of a Mission to the Moon was done by 10-11 year-old students guided by the CESAR Team. Would you like to come with your school?

Thanks a lot to the Estudio school for coming to live with us such unforgettable experience!

We look for your favourite Abstract explaining us your experience and what will be your next step

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