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Sun Rotation - IES maria Zambrano
53 students - 2 ESO

Today 9 of April of 2018 came to ESAC 53 students of 2ESO from IES Maria Zambrano. They went through a scientific research at which they calculated the period of rotation of the Sun, because although some of them already know this…the sun is not static!


They were divided into two groups, doing the same activities but in the opposite order. One first did a tour all throughout the ESAC facilities, where they could see the different models and replicas of the most important missions of the European Space Agency, ESA. All the question they made after the skype interview were also answered, and more and more new questions showed up!

And in the meantime the other group was doing the research previously mentioned. With a lot of real images of the sun, taken by SOHO satellite and with CESO telescope, measuring the distance travelled in a day of a sunspot they use all their math background to solve perfectly the period of rotation of the Sun. A new question appear to them…is this rotation the same on the whole surface?


We had a great time with them, and we know soon some of them will come again!

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