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on-line SSE FAQ

The CESAR Team understands how important it is to backup teachers so that they can feel comfortable when facing new activities. This section tries to cover the more frequently asked questions & answers raised when approaching an "on-line SSE".


 ... is an "on-line SSE"?

The "on-line SSE" are Scientific Experiences,  based on the "ESAC Space Science Experience", for students to work as ESA scientists and engineers, by solving a Scientific Challenge. 

The "on-line SSE" is an Experience with several Phases guided by the teacher who is continuously accompanied by the CESAR Team through this link



  • Phase 1: Students get prepared for the Scientific Challenge (recommended to do it as a Flipped classroom following the students guide).
  • Phase 2: Teachers can test the readiness of their students with a quizz and ask for a video call with the CESAR Team and the class.  We provide ESA experts YouTube talks, extra material and a 30 min video call - all available through this link
  • Phase 3: The Scientific Challenge itself, where students will work as ESA engineers/scientists using real data & following the scientific method.
  • Phase 4: The evaluation of their learning process & generation of a scientific publication (a poster per Team) with their results.

... can enjoy an"on-line SSE"?

Students worldwide conducted by their school teachers, who are registered in the CESAR community. 

Teachers are the only ones that can request an on-line SSE for their class and get access to the supporting material and video calls with the CESAR Team.

                         ... does what on an "on-line SSE"?  

  • Teachers (super-heroes) request an on-line SSE" (on this  link)  and guide the students, as sherpas, during that Experience.
  • The CESAR Team accompanies teachers along the Experience through this link with supporting material and video calls (the supporting material is documents, links, explanatory videos and 30 minute video calls in Phase 2 an 3  -if needed)
  • Students enjoy the Experiences, in Teams, facilitated by their teachers. Students are expected to follow the students guide (currently an editable pdf document, provided in this list of Scientific Challenges and in each dedicated Scientific Case, accessible in Phase 1 through the same link).

 ... is my "on-line SSE" run?

As an on-line version studens can enjoy it from school and home.

... can my class start/finish an "on-line SSE"?

At any moment, teachers (registed in the CESAR Community can request an "on-line SSE" and start it. As these activities are performed on-line (from in their classroom and at home), we are free from the restrictions that on-site activities have (capacity and booking a date/time). The CESAR Team is awaiting you on this link . No emails are needed but all the interactions are through the web.

                       ... can I talk to someome from the CESAR Team in my "on-line SSE"?

The "on-line SSE" are designed to be run independently by the teacher, supported by the CESAR Team. If required, the CESAR Team will assist you once Phase 1 has been completed,  with 30 minutes video calls (in Phase 2 and Phase 3).

  • In Phase 2: The teacher can request a video call, with the class, to clarify open questions from Phase 1
  • In Phase 3: The teacher can request a video call, only with him/her, to be supported on how to use the software for the Scientific Challenge.  

... can a teacher start a "on-line SSE"? 

Any teacher, registered in the CESAR community can start  an "on-line SSE" at any moment using this link.& follow to the end through this link, the CESAR Team supports you along the whole Experience. (Please, do not go to the next Phase until you have not  completed a previous Phase. Not all the Activities in a Scientific Challenge are mandatory to be completed but some indicated in the Sumary Table of the Teachers guide).

                        ... long does my "on-line SSE" take?

As long as you, the teacher, decides. The "on-line SSE" are properly designed to be executed with a small set of activities/link provided in the students/teachers guide (check the section of Didactics in the Teachers Guide) but also with the complete set of activities and extra material offered for the Challenge. The time of execution will depend on the design of your Adventure (selection of activities, always checking the Table of Summary of Contents where mandatory activities for the Challenge are flagged) and the dedicated time for them by the teacher/class.

As a teacher, how can I register in the CESAR Community?

Just fill some data related to you and your school (school master) you work with  here

What benefits do I have once registered in the CESAR Community?

You will have access to request the Space Science Experiences (on-line and on-site -covid-19 permitting) and information about CESAR Teacher workshops, CESAR Excursions and 4 ESO+ Empresa calls.

If I  have questions not answered yet ...

Contact the CESAR Team via email at cesar.sse@sciops.esa.int