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First CESAR lectures in European Space Astronomy Center
We begin with the lectures, inspirational lesson for schools. We create a full astronomy experience with ESA first introduction, CESAR telescopes and Solar System explanation and a Sun scientific case.
Till now every wednesday we will have a school visit.
Lecture summary:

ESA Introduction:

- ESA presentation.
- Earth observation missions.
- Universe observation missions.
- Planetary missions.
- The challenge when we want to go to the space.
- Communication with the satellite.
- ESA centres, ESTEC, ESOC, ESRIN and ESAC.
- Astronaut training and ISS.

Scientific Method Workshop:

- Working in group.
- Scientific case about the Sun.

Universe observation:

- How telescopes work?
- CESAR project. Introduction for the possibility to observe the universe objects with proffesional equipment from the school: optical observation, sun observation and radio observation.
- A travel throught the Solar System with the 360 Sphere Projector.
We open a new section for the lectures, we will upload some experiences and photos from the visits. See the section