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Expoastronómica 2015

One of the biggest events in Spain about astronomy is the Expoastronómica that takes place in Yebes, Guadalajara.

During a whole weekend some organizations and companies promote their projects to offer the general public and students a kindly approach to astronomy and space science. In this way, CESAR Project took part as one of the most interesting projects in Spain that will offer the students a hands-on experience in astronomy and scientific research.

Panoramic view of some stands of Expoastronómica 2015. Click to enlarge

The aim of CESAR Project had an incredible acceptance between students from Primary and Secondary school who were very excited about the idea of having a hands-on experience with CESAR telescopes. Some of them were definitely decided to contact with their teachers in order to participate with CESAR. Many people were also interested in the content that CESAR will offer to the students like the study of the Sun or observe some planets of the Solar System.

Sun Observation

More than 500 people look the Sun in visible and with the filter H-Alpha. Thanks to Abel de Burgos and David Cabezas, part of the CESAR team.

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