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The CESAR Team in Expoastronomica 2016

Expoastronomica 2016 was held in Yebes during the weekend of the (24-25)th of September. This year it was its third edition and a new record on visitants was achieved with 1600 persons.

The CESAR Team did not want to miss one year more the opportunity to be there and make "sciences" more accessible to the general public. For that the team prepared a set of activities that included an introduction to the European Space Agency and the CESAR Project in it. Also the most attractive missions to the public at the present moment were presented, such as Rosetta, Exo Mars and Gaia.

Afterwards hands-on sessions were prepared, with the Sun as the main topic. After a short talk about the main characteristics of our closer star, two set of observing runs were prepared: remote observations for Saturday and on-site observations for Sunday. At each of them long standing queues of visitors happily expected their turn.

The remote observations were executed with the CESAR Solar Telescope at ESAC (an f/10 with H-alpha and Lyman-alpha filters ) and the on-site observations were done with a clone of this.