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Solar Activity Update 23 Sept 2022
A collection of sunspots visible in early September has rotated around the Sun in two weeks and made its way back to the Earthside of the disk (AR3105-3107). Below you can see how it appeared over the southern limb during the past week from September 19 to 23, 2022.
Visible images of the Sun, from 19.9.22 to 23.9.22 (CESAR Helios Observatory).
The active sunspots bring a chance of solar flares that could impact on the Earth's magnetic field since they are now oriented towards the Earth. Geomagnetic storms occur frequently during the equinoxes, so September is a good month to chase Aurorae in the northern latitudes! 
During the daily observations at the CESAR Helios Observatory, we can sometimes witness wildlife at the ESAC site... including curious transits such as the one below:
Visible image of the Sun with a vulture crossing (CESAR Helios Observatory, 21/09/2022, 09:45 UTC).
For images of the Sun in the H-alpha filter, you can click on the image below to see a timelapse video from September 22:
H-alpha image of the Sun (CESAR Helios Observatory, 22/09/2022, 09:53 UTC)
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