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Solar Activity Update 12 Aug 2022
The CESAR Helios Observatory presents recent solar activity:
Click on the image below to see a timelapse of the Sun recorded on August 12, 2022. The video consists of h-alpha images taken in 60 second increments over a 2.5 hr period (8:00 -10:30 UTC). On the disk, there are sunspots, as well as several filaments and plage, bright spots in the Sun's chromosphere. Keep an eye on the circled region in the video to see some changes!


H-alpha image of the Sun, with a plage marked on the disk (CESAR Helios Observatory, 12/08/2022, 08:54 UTC).


The sunspots are better visible when observed in visible light, shown below:

Visible image of the Sun on August 12 (CESAR Helios Observatory 12/08/2022, 08:54 UTC).