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Sun daily videos - CESAR Helios observatory

The CESAR Team El Equipo CESAR has developed a new internal processing tool that allows you to generate videos of the daily observations of the Sun automatically (for COVID-19 reasons we have no observations in the last month), you can see these videos in the CESAR Archive Viewer

Thanks to these videos we can with a simple click observe the movement of the Sun during observation, sunflares following the magnetic fields, sunspots, explosions, etc.


We advise you to browse through the images to better familiarize yourself with the Sun, the images are taken with both a visible filter and an H-Alpha filter to see more details of the surface:

CESAR Video database in CESAR Archive

Have you seen some cool event? 

If you find any interesting event send us a message from the contact section to identify it and publish the result in the Multimedia section with your name in the credits,see the following example:

Sun image from our Heios Observatory:

Thanks to the trainee Daniel Kohler for helping us generating the scripting and making the Sun Observations.

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