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Herztsprung-Russell Diagram - San Viator school
39 students - 1 Bachillerato

Students in their first year of Bachillerato, from the school San Viator, started the Space-Science Experience offered by the CESAR Team, with the topic "Study of a star life trough the Herztsprung-Russell Diagram".

This experience, started in the classrooms, thanks to their teacher's support. There, they watched a set of videos, generated by the CESAR Team, related to the space exploration done by the European Space Agency. Also from the school, before coming to ESAC, the students had a Skype teleconference with the CESAR coordinator, Dr. Michel Breitfellener, who answered all the questions from the students generated during their preparation.



Once at ESAC, the 39 students in their first year of Bachillerato, were divided into two groups, starting the first one their investigation meanwhile the second group did a tour around the spacecraft mock-ups at ESAC (European Space and Astronomy Center), were the most relevant missions are shown.

Once the different teams put in common their investigation, they were happy to see the different phases of a star and present their results to the CESAR Team, as if they were checking their pictures in a family book. Then, the group that had made the tour started the investigation and viceversa.

It was a very interesting week for all, students, teachers and the CESAR Team.

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