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Sun Rotation - Colegio Logos
108 students - 2ºESO

During thursday's morning, students coming from the Colegio Logos came to ESAC, they choose to realize the sun rotacion scientific case.

At the beggining of their visit they were welcomed by our monitors and the coordinator of CESAR project, Dr. Michel Breitfellner, who introduced the scientific experience and answered several questions about the nature of our star like how do we know its temperature or how we protect the satellites which study the sun like the future mission, Solar Orbiter.

Thanks to the scientific case, the students could discover through the movement of the sunspots which was the sun period of rotation. They also visited the scale models present at ESAC of several missions like Gaia, Rosetta or SoHO, during this tour they also touched a section of the Ariane 5 rocket. 

We hope that you enjoyed this experience as much as us!

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