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Travel through the Solar System - Colegio Divina Pastora
2º primaria

On November 30th, primary school students from Divina Pastora came to ESAC to travel interactively through the Solar System.

At the begining of the visit, we answer some of their questions about moons and planets including some about living on Mars. After the welcoming we were ready to start our voyage.

The students enlarged their knowledge while exploring the planets and different objects of our solar system in an interactive way during one hour. This experience was possible thanks to audiovisuals, special effects and 3D animations. Our young explorers could touch rocks from the Moon, sand from Mars or even cold fragments from Saturn’s rings. Also, they could visualize the turbulent atmosphere of Jupiter or travel through the Solar System using 3D glasses.

After this experience we took a look, while going to the school bus, to the scale models of some of ESA space missions like Gaia, Roseta or ISO.

We hope to see you soon!


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