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Mission to the Moon - CEIP Virgen de la Encina
48 students - 2º Primaria

During the 23rd of November, 48 students from CEIP Virgen de la Encina came to ESAC to do a mission to the Moon.

At the welcoming the demonstrate their broad knowledge about the European Space Agency and started with several questions they have chosen. They were interested to know about the origin of planets and meteorites as well as the life of an astronaut in space.

After the questions, we divided the students into two groups, one of them visited the scale models present at ESAC while the other started their mission to the moon.

In the visit to the scale models, the young students made lots of questions regarding, for example, Rosetta and Philae. They also had the opportunity to touch a piece of an Ariane 5 rocket and feel how hard and weightless it is. 

At the mission to the moon we started learning more about the origins of the moon and their characteristic surface or why the moon it’s always facing the same side to Earth. We also made a tour across the surface of the Moon using 3D glasses, then we were ready to start our big mission to the Moon. During this mission, the students had to decide in teams what was important to bring to the moon or calculate how much will the weight. The mission was a total success!

We hope to see you again soon!

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