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Mission to the Moon - CEIP Federico Garcia Lorca
55 students - 2º Primaria

On 16th of November, 55 students (CEIP Federico Garcia Lorca) from second year of primary school came to ESAC to travel to the Moon.

Before starting our mission to the Moon, we answered several questions that these young students brought with them, for example why Pluto is not a planet, how black holes are formed or how the Sun works. It’s clear that their curiosity is infinite.

We divided the students into two groups, one of them visit the scale models of different space missions present at ESAC like Gaia, Rosetta or Soho. They could see and touch a piece of the Ariane 5 rocket and watch the 15m antenna moving in real time. 

Meanwhile, the other group started their trip to the Moon. At the beginning, they learnt about the size of the moon compared with other natural satellites of the solar system or how the Moon was formed. Later they travel across the moon surface using 3D images, they were ready to start their mission. 

Different teams had to decide what should they bring with them to the Moon and where to land, considering, among other things, the difficulty of landing in a terrain with mountains compared to a smooth one. The mission was a total success!

We will see again, maybe even at the Moon!

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