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The Colour of the Stars - Federico García Lorca school
52 students - 4 Primary

On the 8th of November, 52 students in their 4th year of the Primary school, from the school Federico García Lorca, came to ESAC to be scientist for a day. The research topic, selected by the students and their teachers, to investigate at ESAC was: Study of the Color of the Stars.

The students came with loads of ilusion and questions, after having worked in their classroom and having watched a set of videos provided by the CESAR team about the European Space Agency and their space missions and after having had a teleconference from their classroom with the CESAR team.



Once at ESAC, the CESAR team introduce themselves to the kids and clarified the list of questions that, from the students' point of view, where key for them. After this phase, the group of students was divided into two groups, corresponding to their A and B classrooms at the school.

Group A started their investigation in smaller teams using the STEM method, comparing their hypothesis to their conclusions and to the ones from the other teams. For arriving at their conclusions, the students analyzed the color of the stars in the Crown Constellation and how these indicate their temperatures.


In the meantime, group B, was presented some of the light properties in a practical way. This allows to introduce the kids the electromagnetic spectrum and how the various ESA misions have studied the different frecuencies to better understand how galaxies, stars, planets and ISM form and evolve.

Once each group ended up their activities, they swap roles.

It was a quite fun and interesting morning, in which black holes and Philae shared main interest of the children.


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