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Hertzprung-Russell diagram - IES Arquitecto Ventura Rodriguez
50 stydents - 1º de Bachillerato

On the 19th of October, 50 students from IES Arquitecto Ventura Rodriguez came to ESAC to learn about stellar evolutions thanks to the Hertzprung-Russell diagram.

Before the experience started, we answered several questions the students brought with them like what is the motivation to develop a new space mission. After answering all the questions, we divided the students in two groups and started the activity.

One of the groups visited first the scale models of important ESA mission like Gaia, Rosetta or SoHO as they continue with their multiple questions and curiosity.

In the meantime, the other group started the scientific case about stellar evolution, center in the study of the Hertzprung-Russell diagram. The learnt about different concepts like what is the star’s main sequence and the different evolution they follow depending on their mass.

We hope you learnt lots of new concepts and that you continue with the same curiosity in the future.

See you again in the future!

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