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Topographic Study - CEIP Rosa de Luxemburgo
46 students in their 5th year of the Primary School

The CESAR Team has started the Space-Science Experiences for the new academic year 2017-2018.

On the 4th of October, 46 students from the CEIP Rosa de Luxemburgo, in their 5th year of the Primary School came to ESAC to be a scientist for a day. The subject for their research was a "Topographic Study".

These students have shown a high motivation during all the phases of their Space-Science Experience. They had not only asked many interesting questions during their Bienvenue given to them through Skype by Dr Michel Breitfellner a couple of days before the 4th of October but also during their time at ESAC, where they were recording a lot of the information given to them in their notebooks.

At ESAC, the CESAR Team was introduced to them and the student's five favourite questions were widely explained. After that, the group pof students was divided in two, starting one of them to do a scientific case while the other group did a tour where the "Electromagnetic Spectrum" was introduced as well as how the various ESA missions are able to catch this emission for stars, planets, galaxies ... and what do we learn from it.


Once the groups finished their activities, they swapped task. This way all the students were able to get the most of their time at ESAC.


Congratulations for the good work done! Remember this is just a starting to point to a Universe of Exploration waiting for you!


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