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The colour of the Stars - German School
4th year of Primary School - 36 students

On the 7th of June, 36 students of the German School in Madrid in their 4th year of the Primary School came to be scientists for a day.

The students arrived at ESAC with a lot of questions and ilusion in their backpacks. They looked forward to understand the hidden secrets behind the color of the stars.

At their arrival they received a warm welcome in german by Dr. Michel Breitfellner, the CESAR Team coordinator.

After that the group of students was divided in two subgroups. One of the groups went with the Dr. Michel to learn more about the ESA space-scientific missions. For that they did a tour around the satellite models in the ESAC installations.

The other group started their research in the CESAR Lectures room. For that there were made several teams in which every member was responsible for executing a task. It was quite surprising for the kids to realize that different stars have different colours and what the meaning of this was.

Once that each of the groups finished their activities, the groups swapped roles. This way all the students could get the best of their time at ESAC. 

I would like to specially mention to one of the students of the German School,  who was quite thrilled with the concept of the dark matter. He was very kind on finding the final solution to this topic. We count with you for this! 





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