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Travel through Solar System - CEIP El Pradillo de Ávila
70 studens - 2º Primary
From Ávila- Spain

Last 23rd of May, 70 students of primary school, from CEIP El Pradillo de Ávila, came to ESAC to enjoy the “Interplanetary travel” experience.

Explaining the translation and rotation

The students enlarged their knowledge while exploring the planets and different objects of our solar system in an interactive way during one hour. This experience was possible thanks to audiovisuals, special effects and 3D animations. Our young explorers could touch rocks from the Moon, sand from Mars or even cold fragments from Saturn’s rings. Also, they could visualize the turbulent atmosphere of Jupiter or travel through the Solar System using 3D glasses.

Looking different missions and Chury 67P comet

Also we identify all the current ESA missions in the Solar System and the future Europe missions in Mars, Jupiter and Mercury.

We hope that, in this way, the curiosity for science awakens inside these young students and they continue unveiling the mysteries of the solar system.

Visiting the external scale models

At the end of the visit we made a quick tour to watch the scale models of the most emblematic missions from ESA, as well as the ESAC’s 14m radiotelescope.
We hope you enjoy this interplanetary travel with us, we will see again soon!

More photos about the Space Experience

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