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2 ESO - 45 students

On  March 29, a group of 45 students in their 2nd year of ESO of the IES Velázquez school (in Móstoles) came to ESAC to be scientist for a day with the CESAR Team. The students decided that the subject of their investigation was going to be the "Sun Rotation". 

The execution of a Scientific Case at ESAC is part of the Space-Science Experience that the CESAR team offers to students from 8 to 18 years old through their spanish schools. This space-science experience started in their classroom, with the support from their teachers and the material provided by the CESAR team (introductionary videos to the European Space Agency and the Universe exploration through the space missions). Once the students watched the videos they had the opportunity to have a telecon with the CESAR team coordinator, Dr. Michel Breitfellener, who welcomed them on-board and answered the student's-most-important-questions that triggered as a result of having watched the CESAR videos.


And finally, the great day arrived, when the students in the second year of ESO came to ESAC to work as scientist. The first quarter of an hour the CESAR Team spent it answering to the new most-important-questions for the students. It is amazing to see how imagination is activated and makes one ask him/her new questions once a topic, like the Space Exploration, starts to be close topic. 

After this, the CESAR team divided the big group of students in two in order to split the activities. Once they finished the groups swap their tasks. The activities consisted on (1) starting the scientific investigation of their favourite topic and (2) getting to know the different ESA space exploration missions.


For the investigation, the group  was divided in five teams. Each member of the team had an specific task which complemented the rest of the team. Starting from an hypothesis the inspection of the Sun images, collected from the CESAR telescope in ESAC during different days of a month, allowed them to identify the Sun period.


Do you think that the Sun rotates at the same speed at its equator than close to its poles? If you want to deduce it by yourself, come to ESAC to enjoy a Scientific Case. Register now for an unforgettable Space-Science Experience.

Thanks a lot to the IES Velazquez students and specially to their teachers, like Carlos, which motivated all the time to their students to open their scientific minds.

We look for your Abstract explaining us what have you learnt. The Scientific Comunity progress thanks to researches like yours .... and you also know that this is the key to participate in the Space-Science Experience Tender!


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