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Colegio Alegra Space-Science Experience
25 students - 3rd year of ESO

On the 15th of March, 25 students in their 3rd year of ESO of the Alegra School came to ESAC to better know the European Space Agency and do some research with the CESAR Team.

These students, with their teachers support, had started their Space-Science Experience in class some weeks in advance. For this the CESAR team had provied them a set of videos to watch in the school before coming to ESAC. The school had also performed a Skype session where the coordinator of the CESAR team, Dr. Michel Breitfellner, welcomed the students and answered to their questions.

On the 15th of March, in ESAC, the CESAR team welcome the students and their teachers, already in person. During the first 15 minutes the CESAR team replied to the main questions, from the students' point of view, that until the moment triggered in their Space-Science Experience.

The group of 25 students took the role of scientists and analyzed the solar mass ejections through some SOHO images. From them the students were able to measure how far had the ejection traveled in an hour and how long would it take to one of those ejections to arrive from the Sun to the Earth. These mass ejections are visible at the end part of the Sun atmosphera, the corona, and for that reason they receive the name of Coronal Mass Ejections.


The students, in working teams, successfully decode quite some of the Sun secrets presenting their discoveries to their student mates, that behaved as the Scientific Community.One this research had concluded, the students in the 3rd year of ESO of the Alegra school, together with their teachers walk throuugh ESAC, learning from the ESA satellites and from the solar telescope that the CESAR team operates in ESAC.

It was a very nice and interesting morning from the students, teachers and CESAR team point of view. We are looking for receiving your "Abstracts" explaining us your experience and what liked you the most. 

We wish that your Space-Science Experience has allowed you to peek into the space and see how fascinating this place is and that it is really worthwhile to continue understanding it.


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