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La Encina school Space-Science Experience
78 students of the 3rd year of the Primary School from the school La Encina came to ESAC to go to the Moon

On the 23rd of March, 78 students of the third year of the Primary school from the school La Encina came to ESAC with a clear goal: get ready to go to the Moon.


The first thing done was to divide the group into two groups, the team of explores and the team of scientist and engineers.

The group of explorers, lead by the CESAR Team, were to know the different details of the most successful ESA missions, such as Rosetta, ISO, Herschel, SOHO, Mars Express, Lisa Pathfinder and the XMM-Newton mission, among others. For that we did a tour around the models of those missions.



The explorers not only measured the diameter of the biggest telescope sent to Space, which corresponds to the ESA 3.5 meter diameter on board the Herschel satellite, but also measured the relative distances between the Earth and the Moon, tested the amazing resistence of the Arianne rocket walls. They also touched copies from the Chury comet and the Moon craters. All this raised the surprise and happinnes among the kids that paid a lot of attention, what helped them to answer correctly the questions from the final game.



The second group, the group of scientist and engineers, prepared to design their mission to the Moon. For this, with the CESAR Team support, they reviewed the field to explore: the Moon. 


After this first contact, the students were ready to start to design the rocket, the satellite and to analyze what is key to take with you to the Moon and what not. Altogether, they considered which could be the first place to land on the Moon, where to build the bases and moreover when to take-off and when to land.

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