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Los Sauces school SSE
ESO 2nd-year - 40 students

On the 14th of December, the students from the second course of ESO, came to ESAC with one goal: to discover the mysteries from the Sun's rotation and the reasons behind the colour of the stars. These scientific experiments were key into their space adventure, that started in the school classrooms following the CESAR team's indications.


Once at ESAC the students were received by the CESAR team, who guided them into their space-science experience and explained to the students all the questions that triggered by their adventure.

The students from the school Los Sauces, within mixed teams, analysed the data from the Sun collected during consecutive days with the CESAR telescopes, by inspecting how the Sun spots shifted during the days. The students also compared the colours of the stars with those from reference (standard) stars, from the most massive and hot ones to the less massive and cold ones.

The children learnt how the data collected by telescopes on ground and on board the satellites allow us to derive valuable information.


The CESAR team explained to the students the most interesting details from the ESA missions that took the images that they have used within their experiments.

It was a wonderful morning of student space-science experiences.

We wait for your abstracts explaining how your space adventure has impacted you. As mentioned many times, science is shared ... and in this case, it can be your key to winning the SSE prize. Do not miss it!


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