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Sagrado Corazon School SSE
2nd Bachelor year - 18 students

On the 7th of December, the students in the second Bachelor year from the Sagrado Corazón School chose to review the Jupiter mass calculations as part of their research within the Space-Science Experience that the CESAR team provides.

The students have started this adventure in the classrooms, following with their teachers the road map that Dr Michel Breitfellner, the CESAR team coordinator, provided to them via Skype weeks in advance. The documentation that was given to the students included maps, videos and extra booklets.

Once at ESAC, the morning of the 7th of December, the CESAR team answer all the questions from Space and Aerospace environments that the students always-wanted-to-ask-and-never-did. It was a very rich moment for the students as they showed in their enthusiastic faces.



And after solving all those doubts, they get the ball rolling ... starting to review the Jupiter's mass calculations ... fascinating.



All of us, such as the scientific community desire to know all what you have learnt and whether the current Jupiter mass need to be change. We wait for your abstracts with these explanations !!


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