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La Navata PS. SSE
4th-year of the Primary School -49 students

On the 7th of December, 49 students in the 4th year of the Primary School from the school from La Navata came to ESAC with a mission: "The Moon".

The students had already started this Space Adventure in class, by preparing themselves watching fun and interesting videos we made accessible to them. Thanks to the teachers for their support on this task! This was a real team-work.

Once at ESAC, the CESAR team answered all the questions the students elaborated since they started packing for this experience. None was  unresolved ... therefore they were ready for they mission to the Moon.


The CESAR team together with the students checked the satellites that we keep at ESAC, so the kids could learn all the goals achieved by them and how these spacecraft work.



Many youngsters of your age from Madrid, other communities in Spain, Europa and other continents would have desired to be into your feet. Would you be so kind to share this experience with them by writing an abstract that explains it? ... this abstract will also allow you to participate in the Space-Science Experience competition from the 2016-2017 scholar year which has an amazing prize. Send us your abstracts! Do not miss this unique oportunity!


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