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Logos School Space-Science Experience
2º ESO - 96 students
GroupA: 48 students -9:30-11:00
GroupB: 48 students 11:30-13:00

Today, 19th of October, the CESAR Team started with their new project: The Space Science Experiences. This is an ambitious project which goal is to allow each of the students coming to ESAC to become a scientist. 

And how can this be possible? 

As most of the things in life: with effort, good guidance and lots of illusion. 

In this case the effort is a shared effort among:

  • the CESAR Team, who provide the material and guidance to use it and the profesionals at ESAC to run the Scientific Cases,
  • the teachers at school, who watch the appropriate videos and clarify the introductioned material  with the kids and have the huge patient to add this extra work to their daily work because the kids appreciate it.
  • to the kids, that are willing to learn more about space and science and keep having their active minds plenty of questions to be quench.


And for starting this great adventure we had the honour to have the Logos School with us.

Therefore on 19th October, two groups of almost 50 students each came to ESAC to be scientists for a day as part of  their Space Science Experience,the first one at 9:15 and the second one at 11:15h.


Both of the groups were from 2º ESO and their investigation topic  was "The Sun Rotation".

Before coming to ESAC, as the scientists do, they got prepared at the school with the support from their teachers. For that, they watched a series of short videos and read a short introduction about the Scientific Case that they were going to perform at ESAC.

The Monday before coming to ESAC, 17th of October, the CESAR coordinator (Dr. Michel Breitfellner) had a Skype session with the kids to do a live introduction about the Sun give the kids a warm welcome onboard ESAC.

The most you learn about a topic the more questions that started to trigger. The fifth key questions for them along their learning process were answered today at ESAC by the CESAR team , so they were ready to work.


Each of the groups was divided into two groups, one was going to face the scientific calculations using theory and data and the another one was learning about how the data was collected.


All the hypothesis about "The Sun Rotation" were checked with calculations and later put in common. Plenty of questions were triggered along the model tour and all of them were solved. 

The Space Science Experience season has been inaugurated in its Pilot Phase with a great success. In a few weeks, we will be ready to open this adventure to the Complete Comunidad de Madrid and Spain.

The current discoveries from the Universe will become unrevealed to our youth that will be ready to face the still open questions from it.

Please, students, do not forget that scientist shared their discoveries with the Scientific Community via Abstracts. We wait for yours which will open you the gate for winning a Prize. This opportunity does not happen every day, use it ! ;o)

To visit us enter the Space Science Experience and follow the steps