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Virtual Lecture production
CESAR educational project is expanding through a virtual lecture

On the 9th of June we recorded an educational lecture in order to make it on-line for the future visits. The idea, in fact, is that schools could receive our video and watch it at school before coming to the visit, or also that schools that can't come to ESAC, because they are from far away, can anyway receive our contents and work them in the classroom. 

Our aim for the future is to make our project international, so to transmit our contents to schools from all over Europe and to cooperate with several countries. 

We recorded two different lectures: a primary level and a secondary level. So when the class of primary level was inside recording the lecture the other class went outside to visit the ESAC facilities and then they switched activities. 

Primary level recording

Secondary class talking about EXOMARS

Primary class talking about SOHO

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