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Topographic studies with augmented reality - Lycée Moliere
50 students - 5º Primaria

Last thursday, students from Lycée Moliere came to ESAC to enjoy the scientific case about topographic studies. In this scientific case, the students learn about contour lines and how to use them to build topograhic maps and then apply that knowledge to practical cases like landing a missions on Mars. Although wat they most enjoy is the augmented reality sandbox: using a sandbox, 3D cameras and a projector, we are able to create surface features with sand that are colored automatically depending on the height.

Also, we had a tour around ESAC talking about the scale models of space missions like Gaia or Rosetta. They also touch a 3D printed model of the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko 67P.

We hope to see you soon again!



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