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The Colour of the Stars - CEIP Lope de Vega
38 students - 5th of primary

Today 23th of May came to ESAC 38 students of 5th of primary from CEIP Lope de Vega, from Fuenlabrada. They became scientists for a day and made a research about the colours of the stars, apart from following a visit through European Space and Astronomy Centre (ESAC) facilities.


At first, they followed a guided tour watching many of the satellites replica that has been launched by the European Space Agency . They learned a lot of new things about how they are built and how do they communicate with Earth while being very very far!


Did you know that not every star shines equally? Their colour is not the same, its depends on the temperature of its surface! The colder the star is (~ 1 500K), the more reddish is its colour, and the more bluish the hotter it is (~ 30 000K). These exciting students came up with these conclusions, stablishing a comparison between those stars and the temperature and colour of different lightbulbs and lighters. 

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