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Interplanetary Journey - Caude School
58 Students - 3rd Kindergarten

This morning we've been honored with the visit of 58 little students from Caude School. Once they were all in ESAC A-building, Miguel Pérez Ayúcar, a satellites expert, introduced them to the agency and to the job we do at the European Space Astronomy Centre. Then, Astronaut Lili entered the stage and the preparation for the Interplanetary Journey began. After a few lessons about the Solar System and a short but intense physical training, they were all ready to accompany us in this interactive experience. 

Thanks to the multimedia material, sensory elements, 3D glasses and special effects, our voyage through the planets was as amusing as educative. The children's sensory memory was activated through all the experience, so they will remember for a long time all the facts they learned while having fun in our spaceship.

Before leaving our facilities, we had a nice chat sitting by the giant VIL-1 antenna. They learned about satellites and how we communicate with them and even had the chance to touch a real piece of a used rocket.

We hope to see you all again in the future, you are always welcome to learn at ESAC with CESAR.



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