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Sun Rotation - The International School of Madrid
45 students - 2 ESO

Today May 16th came to ESAC The International School of Madrid. 45 very motivated students of 2nd of ESO made a scientific research and calculated the period of rotation of the Sun, and a very exciting visit at which they saw the most important ESA missions replica satellites.


Two groups of 22 and 23 students respectively were made. One of them first did the visit throughout ESAC facilities, were all these satellites are exposed: GAIA, Rosetta, ISO, Herschel… After the Skype meeting with Dr Michel Breitfellner on Monday, many new questions related to astronomy and physics appear to them, and our expert Esther answered them all.


The other group was meanwhile in the middle of the investigation. They used several photos of the Sun taken by SOHO satellite (a collaboration between ESA and NASA) and from CESO, the solar telescope of ESAC. They tracked the sunspots position, which was changing over several days. And with this information they were capable of calculating the period of rotation of the Sun,


We hope they had a great time and that we can see some of them in the future over here!

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