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The Mass of Jupiter - IES Francisco Giner de los Rios
33 students - 4ESO

Today 33 students of IES Francisco Giner de los Rios, in their last year of ESO, came to ESAC to learn a lot of new things about Jupiter and its moons.




They were divided by half into two smaller groups, and they performed each activity parallel to the other group, but in the opposite order. One of the groups first made a visit throughout ESAC facilities visiting many of the European Space Agency (ESA for short) satellite replicas of the missions. In addition they had their first contact to the electromagnetic spectrum, knowing why is important to have missions in every part of it.




And meanwhile the other group made a scientific research studying the moons of Jupiter: Io, Europe, Ganymede and Callisto. They calculated the period of rotation of each of them, and their orbital distance to Jupiter. With all these information they were able to calculate the orbital velocity, and they realize how fast they are really moving!

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