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Coronal Mass ejections - IES Duque de Albuquerque
50 students - 3 and 4 ESO

50 students from IES Duque de Albuquerque, of 3-4 ESO, came to ESAC to be scientists for a day. They carried out an amazing investigation at which they realized how important is the study of CMEs for the humankind.

They were split into two groups, taking both the same activities but in different order. One of them first visited the ESAC facilities and saw several replicas of ESA most important missions, such as GAIA, Rosetta, ISO… They made a lot of interesting questions about the space and about all the physics and engineering behind any space mission .

And the other group studied the movement of a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME for short) and calculated in a very accurate way the time it takes a CME to reach the Earth. Also they asked some questions about the consequences of an impact: electrical wiring problems, satellites outages…They also learn why studying these phenomena is so important, although cannot avoid them we can be prevented. Then they swapped their roles.


We hope we can see any of them soon again!

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