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The Mass of Jupiter - IES Duque de Albuquerque
55 students - 3º ESO, 1º y 2º Bachillerato

Last Thursday students from IES Duque de Albuquerque came to ESAC to work on the scientific case about the mass of Jupiter. During this case, the students have to calculate the mass of Jupiter using Newtin's laws of gravitation and the observations made by Galileo in 1610 of Jupiter's moons. Although the students from 3ºESO hadn't learn any of this in class they were able to understand the concepts and help in the realization of the scientific case. We are sure they learnt lots of new things! 

As usual we made a tour around ESAC installations taking a look at the scale models of the European Space Agency missions as Rosetta or Gaia. They were also able to see and touch a 3D printed model of the comet Churyumob-Gerasimenko 67P.

We hope to see you soon again!



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