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Topographic studies with augmented reality - CEIP Bellas Vistas
30 students - 5th Primary School

Last Thursday students from CEIP Bellas Vistas came to ESAC, they chose the "Topographic studies with augmente reality" scientific case. This case is one of the most populars thanks to the augmente reality sandbox: using 3D cameras, a projector, sand and open software the students are able to model with their own hands different kinds of features which are colored by heights in real time. Is also anjoyed by the teachers! 

After the scientific case we made a small tour around the installations of ESAC talking about the missions acomplished by the European Space Agency as Gaia, SOHO or Rosetta. They also had the opportunity of touching a 3D printed model of the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko 67P as well as a piece of the Ariane 5 rocket.. 

We are sure new scientific vocations had arise among these young students, we hope to see you soon!



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