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The Hertzsprung Russel Diagram - IES El Burgo-Ignacio Echevarría
55 students - 1 Bachillerato

55 students in their first year of Bachillerato from  IES El Burgo-Ignacio Echeverría came to ESAC for taking a Space Science Experience, at which they carried out a research to determine  the different stages of a Sun-like star. 

They were divided into two groups, doing the same activities but in the opposite order. Firstly they make an interactive tour moving around ESAC facilities. They visualized several satellites replicas, and they did realize how different they are, depending on its target mission.  A lot of questions appeared, and they were all answered by our experts. 


Later they moved on to CESAR Conference’s Room, and attended to a very brief explanation about stellar evolution. It was then their turn, they had to classify images of different astronomical objects into the HR Diagram. They learn many new things about the formation of the stars and their explosive ending, a supernova.


We hope we will see them again soon!

To visit us enter the Space Science Experience and follow the steps