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Sun Rotation - IES Duque de Albuquerque
53 students - 2ESO

Today 18th of April came to ESAC 53 students who study 2ESO in IES Duque de Albuquerque. They developed a scientific research  for obtaining the Suns period of rotation.

After watching most of the ESA videos we provided them, and after attending to a skype meeting with Dr Michel Breitfellner on Monday, in which they were very motivated and enthusiastic about space exploration, their Space Science Experience began.


They first participated on a very interactive tour, at which they visualized ESAs most important satellites missions replicas. A lot of questions were asked (and answered even by them!) showing again how interesting Space Exploration is for them. 


Later, a short explanation about sunspots allowed them to calculate the rotation period of the Sun. They were divided into different groups, with a different set of images each one. They worked like real scientists, starting with an hypothesis, taking every measurement needed and sharing their results with their local scientific community  (the  other groups).


We hope to see you again soon!

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