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Viaje Interplanetario - Colegio Alemán Madrid
55 students - 4th primary school

This morning we have been visited by 55 excelent students from the Colegio Alemán Madrid. We took advantage of the good weather and we stayed outside where an ESAC expert astrophysic chatted with them in German about our job at ESAC and about all their doubts related to space and astronomy. Since we where already outside, we payed a visit to the spacecraft scale models exhibition, and they all learned a lot about space exploration.




Once inside our spaceship, they where all brave enough to travel with us in an interplanetary journey. Thanks to the latest technologies, multimedia material designed for this activity, and to sensory elements, the experience is amusing and educative.With their sensory memory activated, we are sure they wont forget what they learned during our trip.




We hope to see you back next year to learn more about space astronomy.

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