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The Hertzsprung Russel Diagram - IES Palomeras-Vallecas
20 students from 1st Bach

This morning, 20 science students from IES Palomeras-Vallecas visited us at ESAC. We spent quite a long time talking about ESA's contributions to humanity and solving all their questions about space. Then, after a brief explanation about stellar evolution and the Hertzsprung Russel Diagram, they solved a Science Case related to those topics during which they had to discuss their opinions and work like real scientist. The visit ended with a tour through the spacecraft scale model exhibition of ESAC where they continued learning about ESA's missions and solved some doubts about how space exploration works. The visit was fantastic, they where all very interested in astronomy and space science, thus we had a really good time. We really do hope to see you soon!

I'd like to end this text quoting one tricky question they made:

Could a particle that has just crossed the event horizon of a black hole get out traveling at light-speed thanks to quantum tunneling?

Think about it!





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