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Sun rotation - IES García Morato
15 Students - 1 Bach

15 Students from IES García Maroto came on April 4th to ESAC for learning how astronomers and astrophysicists classify stars, and for having an answer to their questions of the universe. 

They started their experience in to CESAR room and complete the evolution diagram of a Sun-like star. They were divided in several groups, with different images and descriptions. Later they put them all in common and built their own HR diagram discussing all different possibilities between. Every group had to defend their idea with scientific arguments. At the end they classified perfectly on the HR diagram. 

Later they made a tour through ESAC facilities visualizing several models of ESA’s missions. They learned how different they are, depending on the task they are programmed for: big solar cells for the furthest missions, leading-edge technology for cooling systems…

They really had a great time, and we hope we can see them again!

To visit us enter the Space Science Experience and follow the steps