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Interplanetary Journey - SEK El Castillo
31 students - Kindergarten

Today 22nd March, the youngest students from SEK El Castillo visited us. They were all brave enough to join our interplanetary journey, and with Captain Lili, they had an amusing time while they learned about our planetary system and the objects that belong to it.


Thanks to the imagination, and also to multimedia content, sensory elements, and 3D glasses, the experience was complete. For sure they were amazed by Martian landscapes, storms from Jupiter and Saturn's rings. With such an experience, nice and fun, and activating their sensory memory, we make sure they get new knowledge back home.

However, before going home we visited the ESAC complex. With a little tour through the models of ESA's missions, they learned about how we explore the Universe and our Solar System, and they also solved some doubts they had about Space.

It has been a great pleasure to get to know you, we hope to se you soon!

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