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Sun Rotation - Colegio HH Amorós
55 students - 2º ESO

During the morning of March 15th students from Colegio HH Amorós came to ESAC to work on the scientific case about the sun rotation. 

In teams they had to analise different images of Sun surface taken at different times. Then they identified the sunspots and with the their position they were able to calculate the period of rotation of the Sun. They had a great accuracy in their results and predicted the position of the sunspots in that same day in the future. 

Then we made a tour across the installations of ESAC where they had the opportunity to see the scale models of ESA's space missions like Gaia, Rosetta or Herschel. They asked lots of questions regarding the missions and the different sciences related with the space. 

We hope to see you soon again!




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